The R&D team at CAMP Safety has been intensely focused in recent years on the development of a series of rope access tools with patented features that increase safety or advance functionality and high-quality manufacturing technologies like hot forging and precision casting to deliver exceptional quality and robustness.

As a result, the range has grown significantly. Highlights include:

  • the Giant multifunctional descender, with numerous international
  • certifications and rescue certified up to 210 kg;
  • the Turbo ascender range, featuring innovative rollers that have
  • revolutionized rope ascension, now including the new Turbohand ascender;
  • the Druid descender, a very compact and robust descender available in two versions, with and without the anti-panic function;
  • the already well-known Goblin backup device with its smooth action on the rope and numerous international certifications;
  • the wide range of pulleys with advanced technical features that make them a true must-have.

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