CAMP Safety has designed a very wide range of lanyards to meet the specific needs of workers at height for any application:

  • Fall arrest models equipped with energy absorbers or
  • work positioning models with no energy absorber.
  • Standard length energy absorbers or the Shock Absorber
  • Limited developed for applications with limited clearance distances.
  • Legs available in semi-static rope (ROPE) for the highest
  • strength, dynamic rope for absorbing small shocks,
  • elastic webbing (REWIND) for the greatest ease of use, or
  • standard tubular webbing (WEBBING).
  • Products developed for very specific activities: coated steel cable for
  • the highest shear strength and cut resistance, dynamic rope for
  • absorbing small shocks that might be generated during more technical
  • Exclusive protection systems for sewn terminations and loops.
  • Wide choice of connectors. The range includes models with aluminium
  • alloy connectors (ALU), steel connectors (STEEL), or mixed (MIX).
  • Fixed or adjustable
  • Possibility of customized versions in type, length, connectors and absorbers with specific minimum order quantities.

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